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Welcome to the website of the Russian Blue cat home cattery Szara Eminencja*PL!

Russian Blue cat breeder with a Russian Blue cat Madame Szara Eminencja*PL

Information about the Cattery

For the most important information about Szara Eminencja*PL, please visit the cattery page. It contains, among other things, details about:

  • feline association memberships (club and federation),
  • the beginnings of the passion for Russian Blues,
  • the origin of the cattery name,
  • cats living in the cattery, as well as retired breeding cats that no longer live with us,
  • other issues related to breeding, and my activities outside of breeding.

Russian Blue Cats

For information about the Russian Blue Cat – breed description: its origin, history, as well as other color varieties and types. Thanks to the courtesy of friendly breeders and Russian Blue cat enthusiasts from around the world, I also present these beautiful animals.

Our Eminences

The next page is Eminences, or our Russian Blue Cats, divided into queens, studs, and neuters – cats that are currently retired from breeding. Each cat has its own profile and photo, you can also check its pedigree, trace back up to 15 generations of each cat, and examine the inbreeding coefficient thanks to the electronic database PawPeds.

Russian Blue Kittens

The Kittens page is for future caretakers, where you can find information about breeding plans, currently reserved and available kittens, see their parents, and view photos. Here you can also trace the breeding history of the cattery.

For information about reservation procedures, purchase, prices, options, breeding visits, freebies, and matters related to raising kittens, please visit the Sales page.